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LAWRS Development and Outreach Coordinator Nahir de la Silva explains how LAWRS and the consortium Diverse Communities Health Voice found that Latin American women in Islington need better quality and gender-specific interpretation services to access healthcare.  (more…)

Se esta llevando a cabo una encuesta en línea que tiene como objetivo comprender mejor las experiencias de agresión, abuso, coerción, el control y la explotación sufridas por mujeres lationoamericanas en el hogar, en el trabajo y (more…)

Our former director Carolina Gottardo has written a blog on the needs of Latin American women in the UK for Women Deliver, an organisation that promotes women’s rights and makes the case for investment in women and girls. (more…)

How do you perceive the legal system in the UK after my detention? And, do you believe there is access to justice?

Carolina Gottardo*

This was the question that Julio, a Latin American member of the Freed Voices group, asked some of his friends following his immigration detention (more…)

[:en]LAWRS is delighted to announce the launch of the latest research on the Latin American community in London. Drawing on the influential No Longer Invisible report that has become the most important source of information on the population. Towards Visibility provides both an update as well as new survey data. The Towards Visibility research outlines new population estimates as well as analysis of the 2011 census about Latin Americans in London (and the UK more widely). It also presents the results from a survey with 400 Latin Americans who have migrated from other European countries – Onward Latin Americans (OLAs) – who currently form the main flows into the UK. (more…)


Full time
35 hours per week
Salary negotiable according to skills and experience

The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) is recruiting for a Director which is a key position for our successful and rapidly growing organisation. The ideal candidate will have: exceptional leadership skills to steer our strong creative team; highly developed staff management, financial,


Carolina Gottardo, Director of LAWRS.
First thing on the morning the referendum result was announced, my 8-year old boy burst into tears when I explained that we were out. He had voted in a mock referendum at school on Thursday where all his classmates voted to stay “en masse” (after considering stay and leave arguments from year-6 children). He said: “mummy, do we have to pack our bags and move to Colombia next week?” I clarified that he is a British citizen, that has always lived in this country and that we don’t have to go anywhere. I headed for school and found other children equally anxious and some parents in tears at drop off time.
Things at work didn’t get better. As the Director of the Latin American Women’s Rights Services(LAWRS) – (more…)


VAWG Outreach and Prevention Coordinator
Three days per week
Salary: £27,000 per year
Fixed term contract until 31st March 2017

LAWRS’ Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) programme offers a women-centred and culturally appropriate service delivering prevention work in the community, one-to-one casework, support and work to influence better services for Latin American women survivors of VAWG. We are seeking a VAWG Outreach and Prevention Coordinator to: expand capacity to deal with increasing numbers of women seeking support over VAWG, undertake outreach activities and service delivery in specific boroughs; undertake education and prevention work with the community and continue developing LAWRS’ services to tackle “honour” based violence and other forms of VAWG experienced by Latin American women.


[:en]On Sunday 8th May, Claudia will be running the Hackney Half Marathon to raise money for LAWRS! Claudia Turbet-Delof is LAWRS’s Vice Chair; she is a Bolivian woman committed to uphold Latin American Women’s Rights.

She is training hard to finish the run in a good time! Her target is to raise £3,200 which is an equivalent of £100 for each year LAWRS has been supporting Latin American women in the UK. Your fundraising support will help us to provide vital services to Latin American women suffering violence against women and girls and affected by poverty and make a real difference to their lives.

Please support and encourage Claudia here[:]


LAWRS in conjunction with Care-Connect and Leeds University has produced research about the challenges faced by the most recently arrived Latin American women coming to the UK from the rest of the EU.

The report highlights key issues affecting the community, including: lack of knowledge about the NHS and the education system, alarming waiting times for school vacancies; and serious housing issues such as overcrowding, lack of heating, humidity and infestation.  (more…)