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How do you perceive the legal system in the UK after my detention? And, do you believe there is access to justice?

Carolina Gottardo*

This was the question that Julio, a Latin American member of the Freed Voices group, asked some of his friends following his immigration detention (more…)

Carolina Gottardo, Director of LAWRS.
First thing on the morning the referendum result was announced, my 8-year old boy burst into tears when I explained that we were out. He had voted in a mock referendum at school on Thursday where all his classmates voted to stay “en masse” (after considering stay and leave arguments from year-6 children). He said: “mummy, do we have to pack our bags and move to Colombia next week?” I clarified that he is a British citizen, that has always lived in this country and that we don’t have to go anywhere. I headed for school and found other children equally anxious and some parents in tears at drop off time.
Things at work didn’t get better. As the Director of the Latin American Women’s Rights Services(LAWRS) – (more…)

[:en]On Sunday 8th May, Claudia will be running the Hackney Half Marathon to raise money for LAWRS! Claudia Turbet-Delof is LAWRS’s Vice Chair; she is a Bolivian woman committed to uphold Latin American Women’s Rights.

She is training hard to finish the run in a good time! Her target is to raise £3,200 which is an equivalent of £100 for each year LAWRS has been supporting Latin American women in the UK. Your fundraising support will help us to provide vital services to Latin American women suffering violence against women and girls and affected by poverty and make a real difference to their lives.

Please support and encourage Claudia here[:]


A fond farewell message for an inspirational woman and leader, Tania Bronstein, LAWRS’s former Chair and a big welcome to our Acting Chair Gisela Valle


Dear friends of LAWRS,


The Board of Trustees would like to formally thank an inspirational leader and one of the charity’s founders, Tania Bronstein, who has decided to step down as Chair of LAWRS.

Tania has been a fundamental pillar of LAWRS’s success in establishing itself as a national charity, one that has grown and achieved immeasurable success and benefits for migrant women. Tania was Chair of LAWRS for sixteen years, and during her tenure she has worked tirelessly to achieve our aim of seeing Latin American women in the UK asserting their human rights, reaching personal empowerment and bringing about social change.

We are very sad to see Tania go and are eternally grateful for the invaluable legacy she leaves behind. A legacy that has benefited and improved the quality of life for thousands of Latin American women and their dependents in the UK and her commitment, determination and vision has inspired all of those fortunate to work alongside her.

Our gratitude for her inspirational leadership, which has impacted on everyone around her, was felt in the outpouring of messages and the joyous atmosphere at a recent farewell event we had for Tania.

In the spirit of change and leadership, we would also like to give a warm welcome to our newly appointed acting Chair, Gisela Valle, a Mexican national, lawyer by profession with a strong commitment to women’s rights and human rights, who alongside the board will continue working to make sure that LAWRS fulfills its mission and vision.

Lastly, we want to add that we are excited to be working on new partnerships, projects and groundbreaking, collaborative research which is continuing to increase the visibility of our communities in the UK.

Nearly 5,000 women receive LAWRS’s support on a yearly basis, this would simply not be possible without your continued support. Thank you.


With warm wishes,


Board of Trustees