Carolina Gottardo – Director
Tel. 020 7324 9803

Lucila Granada – Operations Manager and Development
Tel. 020 7324 9809

Jhoanna Mosquera – Administrator and Finance Officer
Tel. 020 7324 9801

Alma Gatica – Migrant Women Integration and Participation Project Coordinator
Tel. 020 7324 9801

Myriam Bell – Violence against women support & prevention Coordinator
Tel. 020 7324 9805

Andrea Fonseca -VAWG Outreach & prevention Coordinator (Portuguese speaker)
Tel. 020 7324 9808

Eliana Riccardi -VAWG Outreach & prevention Coordinator (Spanish speaker)
Tel. 020 7324 9808

Rosa Ruiz -VAWG Advocacy & prevention Coordinator
Tel. 020 7324 9808

Nahir de la Silva -Advocacy and Campaigns Coordinator for the Coalition of Latin Americans in the UK (CLAUK))
Tel. 020 7324 9809

Marina Comandulli – Outreach and Development Coordinator – Southwark
020 7358 7028

Rosa Crowley- Drop In adviser (only Mondays)
020 7324 9806

Noel Genne – Crèche Coordinator
Tel. 020 7324  9802

Veronica Gutierrez- Integration and Volunteer Coordinator
Tel. 020 7324 9802

Nohemy Williams- Counsellor and Psychotherapy Project Coordinator
Tel. 020 7324 9802

Claudia Croppo – Counsellor and Psychotherapist (Portuguese speaker)
Tel. 020 7324 9807

Silvia Cordoba- Counsellor and Psychotherapist  (Spanish speaker)
Tel. 020 7324 9807


Maria José Belén – Counsellor and Psychotherapist (Spanish speaker)
Tel. 020 7324 9807

Illary Valenzuela – Sin Fronteras / No Limits Project Coordinator
Tel. 079 2205 8126


Company registration and accounts
The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) is a charitable company incorporated on 15th December 1997 and registered as a charity on 19th April 1999. The company was established under a Memorandum of Association, which sets out its objects and powers, and is governed under its Articles of Association.
Read our Annual Report and Accounts 2013/14

A fond farewell message for an inspirational woman and leader, Tania Bronstein, LAWRS’s former Chair and a big welcome to our acting Chair Gisela Valle

Dear friends of LAWRS,

The Board of Trustees would like to formally thank an inspirational leader and one of the charity’s founders, Tania Bronstein, who has decided to step down as Chair of LAWRS.
Tania has been a fundamental pillar of LAWRS’s success in establishing itself as a national charity, one that has grown and achieved immeasurable success and benefits for migrant women. Tania was Chair of LAWRS for sixteen years, and during her tenure she has worked tirelessly to achieve our aim of seeing Latin American women in the UK asserting their human rights, reaching personal empowerment and bringing about social change.
We are very sad to see Tania go and are eternally grateful for the invaluable legacy she leaves behind. A legacy that has benefited and improved the quality of life for thousands of Latin American women and their dependents in the UK and her commitment, determination and vision has inspired all of those fortunate to work alongside her.
Our gratitude for her inspirational leadership, which has impacted on everyone around her, was felt in the outpouring of messages and the joyous atmosphere at a recent farewell event we had for Tania.
In the spirit of change and leadership, we would also like to give a warm welcome to our newly appointed acting Chair, Gisela Valle, a Mexican national, lawyer by profession with a strong commitment to women’s rights and human rights, who alongside the board will continue working to make sure that LAWRS fulfills its mission and vision.
Lastly, we want to add we are excited to be working on new partnerships, projects and ground-breaking, collaborative research which is continuing to increase the visibility of our communities in the UK.

Nearly five thousand women receive LAWRS’s support on a yearly basis, this would simply not be possible without your continued support.Thank you.
With warm wishes,
Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees
LAWRS’ board of trustees is currently formed of 8 Latin American women with a variety of skills sharing a feminist perspective.
The Board is responsible for overall governance, determining LAWRS’ strategic direction, maintaining a long-term overview of the organization and ensuring LAWRS’ financial health and compliance with legal obligations. The Board currently meets every 6 weeks. All LAWRS’s trustees are directly elected from the membership.


Gisela Valle – Chair
Claudia Turbet-Delof – Vice-Chair
Juliana Pippa Bell – Trustee
Yara Evans – Trustee
Constanza Arias – Trustee
Teresa Leitao – Trustee
Carolina Velasquez – Trustee
Silvia Aced – Trustee


Strategic aims
Four strategic aims will determine our programmes of work over the next five years, and we will judge our success against them.
To continue providing immediate support to Latin American women facing or at risk of, violence and poverty.

To develop or implement new, more sustainable ways of addressing immediate and long term needs of Latin American women, including putting in motion initiatives to underpin LAWRS’ longer term sustainability.

To continue working towards visibility and recognition for the Latin American community.

To influence policy and practice that affects Latin American women, addressing the key barriers identified by the No longer Invisible research.


If you have any questions on our governance please email our Chair of Trustees Gisela Valle