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Children and young people are left feeling anxious and insecure, women and girls are victims of racism and sexism at work, school and on public transport, an even more negative rhetoric on immigration, disbelief, uncertainty and disappointment. (more…)

Migration and asylum are heavily politicised issues. By tracking just media coverage, the Brexit debate focused on migration 18% of the time. That number increases significantly when narrowing the focus to specific news outlets. (more…)

Following the Brexit vote, it is crucial to ensure that women’s rights are not diluted, and that we have an inclusive society where all women are treated with dignity and respect, particularly those who experience multiple disadvantage. (more…)

There is endemic exploitation of low paid migrant women workers in some sectors of the economy.

Maria works in hospitality and is supposedly “paid the national minimum wage per hour”. In reality, she is paid according to the number of rooms she cleans. Reaching her target number of rooms per hour is virtually impossible for the average human being.

The result is that Maria gets paid well below the national minimum wage. Our experience at the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) tells us that many migrant women face a similar violation of their rights.

Full time
35 hours per week
Salary negotiable according to skills and experience

The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) is recruiting for a Director which is a key position for our successful and rapidly growing organisation. The ideal candidate will have: exceptional leadership skills to steer our strong creative team; highly developed staff management, financial,