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Latin American women in our community are exceedingly marginalised, both socially and economically. Responsibilities for children and the home restrict their chances to learn English and their way around the system.

Many are survivors of gender based abuse and atrocities back home and their circumstances as refugees and migrants in the UK make them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation at home and elsewhere.

There are various ways how you can help us to continue supporting Latin American women:

Make a general donation to LAWRS

If you donate to us we will put your money wherever the need is greatest. Donations, which support LAWRS, in general are extremely useful to secure our sustainability and our ongoing work. You can make a one-off or regular donation by clicking on the button below.

One off donations

Donate to our specific areas of work by simply clicking on the links below:

  • Tackling poverty, debts and homelessness
  • Zero Tolerance to violence against women and girls
  • Overcoming the impact of trauma and abuse
  • Improving opportunities on arrival
  • Facilitating inclusion and access to services at local level
  • Our crèche – more than just a support service
  • Our policy, advocacy and campaigning work
Regular donations

Become a regular supporter and help us to achieve long-term change to Latin American women for them to live their lives free from abuse and violence:

  • £10 could pay towards the provision of child-care for a woman coming to receive advice from one of our specialist advisers in domestic violence, gender violence, housing, money, debt, employment rights, etc.
  • £20 could pay for up to 15 women to attend an English class allowing them to improve job prospects, get their diplomas recognized in the UK and/or end cycles of low paid and low skilled employment.
  • £50 could pay towards the provision of a specialized counselling and psychotherapy program for victims of gender violence, including domestic violence, trafficking, labour exploitation, prostitution, etc.

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