“Being a volunteer at LAWRS helped me to empower myself, develop my skills and gain work experience in the UK, which allowed me to find a job at the level of my skills, improving my living conditions and those of my family” Maria, Mexico.

Volunteering at LAWRS

For Latin American (LA) women who come to the UK with a profession, the immigration experience is not always easy. Opening a path in the labour market in the UK is most often than not a testing of knowledge and abilities, along with a different language, new codes, a new system, new demands, unrecognized professional titles, often an insecure immigration status etc.  These situation push women to end up employed in low skilled low paid jobs where they are not able to fully utilise their professional skills.

Our volunteering programme was developed as a win-win opportunity/project to combat these barriers and helps to make this transition smoothly as it enables LA women to gain work experience in the UK, utilize their skills and develop their potential.

Thanks to the diversity of services offered by our organisation, LAWRS represents a unique opportunity for many LA women to become familiar with the labour environment in the UK.  LAWRS volunteering programe is the opportunity to gain work experience and gives the opportunity to capitalize on the training LA women bring from their own countries and to discover potential career paths, an opportunity that is not readily available in other mainstream organisations.

Our volunteering programme also adheres to a policy of inclusiveness, embracing diversity and equal opportunities above all.  LAWRS also recognises that a degree of flexibility will be needed in order to accommodate volunteers of various backgrounds, needs, and resources.

All of our volunteers work to a task description and alonside an employee from the organisation who guide them while performing their tasks.

We try to match applicant’s skills and areas of interest with LAWRS’ needs as much as possible.

The roles vary depending on availability, but normally they fall within the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Advocacy and Campaigns
  • Casework support
  • Event organisation
  • Fundraising
  • Interpretation / Translation
  • Psychotherapy / Counselling
  • Support to different projects

We ask our volunteers for a minimum of six months commitment one day per week. There is no upper limit.

LAWRS values the contribution that our volunteers make to the organisation, and does not wish any of its volunteers to be out-of-pocket in carrying out tasks for the organisation.  We will reimburse volunteers’ travel and lunch expenses (limit applies)

To join our team of volunteers you will need to fill in an application form here Volunteer Application , where you could share with us your background, experience, skills and habilities, areas of interest, your reasons for applying, and your expectations.

Once we receive an application form, we contact the applicant to talk about the different roles within the organisation that are available at the moment. Then an informal interview is scheduled to discuss applicant’s needs, interests and abilities, and how she can help the organisation in its mission.  Once accepted, all our volunteers are fully inducted to know our areas of work, policies and procedures, logistics, staff, volunteers, etc.

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced check will be obtained if the volunteer role is likely to have direct contac to vulnerable adults and/or children or to sensitive data on vulnerable adults and/or children, on a frequent or intensive basis.

If the role is covered by the Exceptions Order 1975 to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, any spent or unspent criminal convictions will be considered when considering suitability for the role in question.  If you have been involved in a criminal activity or passed a sentence, this does not mean that you cannot become a volunteer.

For more information please contact the Volunteer Coordinator:

Veronica Gutierrez

Phone: 020 7324 9802

Email veronica@lawrs.org.uk

Tue, Wed, and Thurs


Join our friendly team of volunteers.

It doesn’t matter what skills, experience or background you have!