Latin American girls and young women

Who are we?

No Limits is a new project to support Latin American young women and girls aged 14 to 21 years old. In No Limits we weave trust, mutual support and we value our diversity. We also increase our aspirations and build up joint actions.

What do we do?

Through art, dance, music and other creative means, we, the young women, explore themes to strengthen our self-esteem, acquire skills and develop our potential.

No Limits:

  1. Supportsàaccess to education, health, welfare and other services.
  2. Contributesàto the recognition of our rights as immigrants and empowerment of girls / young women with “No Limits”

How do we do it?

No Limits carries out programs in cycles of 12 weeks, including workshops of:

  • Art (e.g. paint, music, photography, social media)
  • Information sessions on education, employment and health,
  • Visits to museums, theatres and other spaces of entertainment and youth gathering

Why we do it?

We seek to create safe spaces that enable us to develop our potential and that transcends the community that we are part of. We know that our empowerment, empowers our community and empowers young women in general.


For more information, contact Illary Valenzuela, No Limits Project Coordinator and visit