Outreach and integration


“Through LAWRS’ local office I was able to get a positive response from my local authority regarding my daughter’s education. I was also able to access other services of the organisation, which completely changed my life” Melisa, Peru.

LAWRS in your local area

LAWRS is advocating for better provision and awareness of local services for Latin American women, so that the community’s needs feature highly on the local agenda. A variety of activities can help you to integrate effectively in the UK and within its culture, society and the labour market.

Based in South London, this project aims to involve you in learning how the system works in this country, what services are available and how you can best and actively participate in social and civic life – in your community and in London.

This service will help you to build life opportunities, right here in your local area.

Activities include:

  • Directory of local services available to you, your rights to access them and how they work
  • Social and civic orientation
  • Social activities, to meet new people
  • Civic and political orientation and information
  • Workshops and initiatives to learn about UK life, systems and culture
  • Information about your rights and how to exercise them

You can join the regular activities. For more information please click here.

If you feel like you could empower other women with information and encouragement to exercise their rights and resolve problems independently, get in touch with us.

Thursday and Friday

LAWRS (South London) is at:

48 Addington Square, SE5 7LB


To book an appointment or for more information, please contact us at:

Mobile: 077 0813 3886. Email nahirdelasilva@lawrs.org.uk

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