Latin American Women’s Rights Service

We are a user-led, feminist and human rights organisation that has been working with Latin American women in the UK since 1983. Our aim is to facilitate the tools for Latin American women to assert our human rights and pursue personal empowerment and social change. We are a holistic organisation and provide culturally and linguistic specialist advice, information, counselling and psychotherapy, advocacy, development programmes, workshops, wellbeing groups and targeted support to Latin American women.
We directly support more than 4,500 women per year and we also do policy and campaigning work on BME and migrant women’s rights, and recognition of Latin Americans as an ethnic group.


London organisations respond to post-Brexit racist and sexist abuse by urging people to become Upstanders not Bystanders.

We are a large group of organisations in London supporting women affected by domestic, sexual and other forms of abuse against women and girls. We are dismayed at the huge increase in reports of racist incidents to many of our organisations over the past week. This follows the BREXIT vote in the UK which seems to have given credibility to racist and sexist behaviour and (more…)


Most Latin American women arrive in the UK with skills and qualifications and while most are in work, this is mostly in low skilled and low paid jobs in cleaning, catering and hospitality services, they experience high levels of labour exploitation and live their lives in poverty.

As part of our work in the recognition for equal rights for Latin American women and work against labour exploitation, LAWRS has participated in the report of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  (more…)



Counselling and Psychotherapy Coordinator
Full time (35 hours per week)
Salary: £29,500
This post is open to job share

We are seeking a Counselling and Psychotherapy Coordinator for Anahi – LAWRS’ Counselling and psychotherapy project which offers a women-centred, culturally specific service in Spanish and Portuguese for Latin American women survivors of violence against women and girls (VAWG). The Coordinator has overall responsibility for the smooth running of the service, and (more…)


LAWRS is delighted to announce the launch of the latest research on the Latin American community in London. Drawing on the influential No Longer Invisible report that has become the most important source of information on the population. Towards Visibility provides both an update as well as new survey data. The Towards Visibility research outlines new population estimates as well as analysis of the 2011 census about Latin Americans in London (and the UK more widely). It also presents the results from a survey with 400 Latin Americans who have migrated from other European countries – Onward Latin Americans (OLAs) – who currently form the main flows into the UK. (more…)