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“Being a volunteer at LAWRS helped me to empower myself, develop my skills and gain work experience in the UK, which allowed me to find a job at the level of my skills, improving my living conditions and those of my family” Maria, Mexico.

Volunteering at LAWRS

At LAWRS you can improve your prospects of getting a job, develop new skills, increase your work opportunities, make new friends or give something back to your community through volunteering. Our goal is to develop your skills, especially if you think your background and experience are not recognised in this country.

This programme has been designed with you in mind and we offer:

*Work experience

*Workshops and seminars within and outside the organisation

*Tailor made support

*Opportunities to increase your networking

*Support to find a job

*Support learning English


Who can benefit?

Any Latin American woman can be a volunteer. For some posts you will need to speak English and / or Portuguese or have a good knowledge of IT (Microsoft Office). This will vary from post to post so the best way to find out is to contact us or read the task description if there is a volunteering vacancy advertised.

What can you offer me?

You will start by working alongside an employee from the organisation who will teach you and guide you on a specific area of work. Later on, you will be expected to perform your tasks more independently. Roles vary, so it also depends on what you would like to do and where there are needs in the organisation. We will also support you with periodic supervision, social events, constant support and workshops. We will reimburse your transportation costs and lunch (limit applies).

How much time do I need to collaborate?

We ask for a minimum of a six month commitment one day per week. There is no upper limit.

How to get started?

The roles vary depending on availability, but normally they fall within the following areas:

  • Therapy/Counselling
  • Support to different projects
  • Casework support Interpretation
  • Support with marketing and fundraising
  • Support with event organisation
  • Translation
  • Interpretation

You will need to complete an application form. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to talk about the different roles within the organisation available at the moment. You will have an informal interview to determine your needs and how you can help the organisation in its mission before deciding on which role suits you and when you can start.

If you would like to volunteer with LAWRS, please download the Application Form

For more info contact the Volunteer Coordinator Verónica Gutiérrez at:

Phone: 020 7324 9802

Email veronica@lawrs.org.uk

We are active advocating for women’s rights and migrant’s rights. We also work with many organisations within our community and with networks that advance  women’s migrant’s and refugee and asylum seeker’s rights.

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