LAWRS is aware that many meaningful changes for vulnerable groups take place as a result of policy and advocacy work by voluntary organisations.

We are active advocating for women’s rights and migrant’s rights. We also work with many organisations within our community and with networks that advance women’s migrant’s and refugee and asylum seeker’s rights.

All our policy, advocacy and campaigning work is done within a Human Rights Based Approach and following the principles of a feminist organisation.

We offer advice, advocacy, information and counselling services in a personalised, confidential and impartial manner. All our services are free and in Spanish and Portuguese.


The practice of corporal punishment is deeply rooted in our society and has been passed through generations, but that does not make it valid. Physical punishment is considered a crime when is done to an adult, but when it comes to children, sometimes it’s accepted and naturalized as a right of the parents, as a way to legitimize their authority and “making them stronger “.

The treatment that women received a few years ago was also different, wrong and unjust. It is not about pointing fingers but to generate constructive change. (more…)


Most Latin American women arrive in the UK with skills and qualifications and while most are in work, this is mostly in low skilled and low paid jobs in cleaning, catering and hospitality services, they experience high levels of labour exploitation and live their lives in poverty.

As part of our work in the recognition for equal rights for Latin American women and work against labour exploitation, LAWRS has participated in the report of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (September 2013) has carried out a research about working conditions in the cleaning sector, it show that many workers do not have their employment rights upheld, they may be bullied or discriminated against by supervisors, experience problems obtaining their pay, have excessive workloads and are not treated with dignity or respect.

The key finding of the report show that (more…)


The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) has been selected from charities across the UK as the regional winner for London and UK Runner up of the Valuing Volunteers category of the Lloyds Banking Foundation Charity Achievement awards.

LAWRS’ volunteer programme provides Latin American women with work experience and new skills so that they improve their chances of entering employment in the UK at the level of their skills, and away from dead end, low paid jobs. (more…)


LAWRS in conjunction with Care-Connect and Leeds University has produced research about the challenges faced by the most recent flows of Latin Americans migrants coming to the UK as a result of secondary migration.

The report highlights key issues including:

  • Lack of understanding of the different NHS services including access to Primary and Secondary care.
  • Gaps in knowledge about the Education System among those with children and alarming School vacancies waiting times.
  • Serious Housing issues such as overcrowding, lack of heating, humidity and infestation.

The report also highlights how all these issues particularly affect Latin American women at the edge of multiple discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, immigration and language.

To access the report, please download the document here: Latin Americans migrating from Europe to the UK.