Trafficking for labour and sexual exploitation

Proactive identification and support of victims of trafficking for labour exploitation in the European Union

A wide range of governmental and non-governmental organisations are working to combat trafficking inhuman beings across the European Union (EU). However, awareness and understanding of identification and support to victims of trafficking for labour exploitation remains limited. The PRO-ACT project has been initiated by FairWork (The Netherlands), Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX, United Kingdom) andADPARE (Romania), three organisations with expertise in trafficking for labour exploitation. The aim of this project is to improve responses to trafficking for labour exploitation throughout the EU, by developing effective EU-wide strategies for proactive identification and support for trafficked persons.


At the centre of this project is in depth engagement with people who have been trafficked for labour exploitation and their support providers. The key project principles are the need for effective, victim-centred, and accountable actions to identify and support people who have been trafficked for labour exploitation. The project methodology reflects the strong human rights based approach of each partner, and the emphasis of all partners on engagement with trafficked persons and support organisations to better understand their experiences, needs and priorities.


The main outcome of the project is the establishment of enhanced systems for identification and support to people who have been trafficked for labour exploitation. The strategies will be developed through EU-wide consultation and extensive research in the project countries. The strategies will alsobe piloted on the ground to establish their suitability in different country contexts. Once finalised, they will be disseminated through national and European networks and incorporated into a trainingprogramme for frontline organisations. Partner collaboration is a key aspect of the project and will be supported by production of a booklet and flowchart mapping key stakeholders and service providers. Coordination and accountability will be supported by the establishment of a European network for best practice sharing.

Knowledge sharing

For this project FairWork, FLEX and ADPARE will work together with two local service providers: Latin American Women’s Rights Service and Migrant Help in the UK. The Romanian organisation eLiberare willjoin the project for the dissemination activities as they have expertise in raising awareness. We will also partner with a range of organisations from Europe and worldwide, to ensure project results are tailored to country needs and implemented throughout Europe.


Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union