Spanish-English Language Exchange in Southwark


Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) is excited to announce that we will be co-producing a Spanish and English language exchange ‘café’ with Paxton Green Time Bank (PGTB) in Southwark.

Supported by the Feminist Review Trust, the project will be led by women from LAWRS and PGTB who will share language skills and get to know each other, in an exchange called timebanking.

The timebanking project – whereby individuals invest time in helping others and can receive the same services in exchange – will be held every second week. The dates and address are to be announced soon.

As a programme in partnership with the timebanking organisation PGTB, the hub is also likely to lead to the exchange of other skills and social opportunities in areas such as IT, dressmaking, cooking, decorating and gardening, as well as letter-writing, making friends, staying fit, and job applications.

The Feminist Review Trust has previously supported this approach with the Espacio Mama project, a mother’s timebanking childcare group. Women can spend their time credits (one credit per hour) on childcare for their own children, or other opportunities within the Paxton Green Time Bank.

By valuing both valuing the core economies of caring such as home making and child raising, as much as more traditionally valued and defined work, we believe these kind of projects help to redefine the idea of work overall.

At LAWRS, we are also proud to be participating in this project, as it improves the lives of women and addresses issues of discrimination we know directly affect the Latin American community in the UK.

“At LAWRS we believe that Latin American women face distinct and elevated challenges at work and at home.

“Many women living here are still the primary carers for their household, and unsurprisingly, find it difficult to juggle this with work and learning new skills. By redefining what we mean by work, we transform how society views us as women, while helping our clients gain important skills that can help them achieve their goals outside the home,” said Operations & Development Manager Lucila Granada.

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